Breathe in… Breathe out…

Feeling like a monster? Colbie Caillat and Common recommend a calming breath.

As we continue waiting patiently for our construction permits, we are reminded of the importance of deep breathing as a way to keep us calm and relaxed. Patience is a key virtue that Bright Beginnings finds necessary to help promote in young children, as it is certainly not a given and requires much practice. Patience helps children develop the ability to think through situations and resolve problems more rationally. It can successfully counteract impulsive and acting out behaviors, as it promotes a sense of inner calmness and control of oneself. We are excited about our program philosophy, as its led by a licensed child psychologist who understands the importance of promoting character development in young children, including the fine art of patience. Resiliency, self-regulation and self-soothing skills are by-products of this virtue.

In fact, two well-known musicians, Common and Colby Caillat, along with everyone's furry friend Elmo, have mastered the technique of deep breathing. We invite you to watch the video, share it with friends and sing along as we all continue to exhibit great patience during this development process!