We offer a dynamic, relational and individually-based curriculum that is inspired by both Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches, including best practices from the Zero to Three Initiative of the National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families. Supplemental engagement-based enrichment programs are offered to further promote your child's overall development, including music, dance, drama, art, second language and yoga.


6 weeks to 11 months

5 days: $1647/mo
4 days: $1387/mo
3 days: $1090/mo                                                          


We are proud to offer a beautiful, secure, and spacious nursery where our infants are cared for by our nurturing and loving allomothers, where development of healthy relationships and establishment of routines is of paramount importance. The infant curriculum is determined by the infants themselves, is built around their interests, needs, developmental levels, unique personalities and includes the family culture, language, goals and values. The infant curriculum is flexible, allows for individualization and is based on continuous allomother reflection.


12 months to 23 months

5 days: $1647/mo
4 days: $1387/mo
3 days: $1090/mo                       

Our Wobbler program is an exciting stage in which the young children are becoming increasingly more mobile, inquisitive and start to interact with others in very small groups. This social interaction with others, including continuing support from our allomothers, helps promote secure attachments, exploration, sense of safety, trust and comfort. The curriculum continues to ascribe to best practices, which includes reliance on relationships and individualization based on each child's needs.


2 years to 4  years

5 days: $1545/mo
4 days: $1305/mo
3 days: $1029/mo                       

As the children develop and get older, the program continues to be flexible and individually-based, but now strives to balance self-directed play with allomother-led activities. Children's curiosity and imaginations are prominent during this stage and they respond very positively to a wide range of experiences, such as art, music, dance, yoga, sensory and language. The promotion of self-help and problem-solving skills is evident and practiced as well.

Development of the whole child in preparation for the start of preschool and/or kindergarten is the focus during this exciting stage. The children continue to receive flexible and individualized care, while also continuing to develop more advanced skills.

What's included

      Included in tuition are:

  • Organic catered meals (Wobblers and Toddlers)
  • Enrichment classes
  • Multiple daily reports of your child (including pictures)
  • Ongoing consultations with our child psychologist