A dynamic, whole-family approach to child development.

Located in Chicago's Avondale community, our goal is to cultivate a nurturing environment for children both in the learning center and in the home. 

* Healthy organic catered snacks and meals

* Montessori and Reggio Emilia-inspired teaching philosophy

* Ongoing consultations with our child psychologist

* Child guided and play-based curriculum and enrichment programming

* Ongoing consultations with our contracted registered nurse



A Collaborative Approach

We provide a sustained environment of support and encouragement through the collaboration of our Allomothers, Director, parents and child psychologist. Our whole-family approach benefits both children and parents by providing ongoing support, clinical guidance, and consistency to the process.

Inside & Out

Inside the center, our Allomothers follow a relational and individually-based curriculum that encourages self-discovery and provides a platform for social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral development.
Outside the center, our licensed child psychologist works closely with parents in order to streamline the developmental process. He is active with the children and parents and makes the specialized field of child psychology a routine part of childcare.

And finally, a word about our elephant...

Elephants are socially and emotionally complex animals and their tradition of raising their young is positively inspiring!
Baby elephants are taken care of by a network of older elephants referred to as Allomothers. Allomothers offer nurturance, guidance and stability to babies--while also serving as support systems for their mothers and fathers. The Allomother concept parallels our own beliefs in strong family systems and the importance of community. The Allomother is an embodiment of healthy individual development through community support. We hope that when you see our logo you will know that our elephant symbolizes the expression of the guidance and support you can expect at Bright Beginnings.